Digital Aid for Seeing Physiotherapy Results Easier.


The problems with physical therapy rehabilitation are: (1) the capacity and cost of the programme at the hospitals, and (2) the psychological and physical barriers to attendance by the patients.

Infographic 1 in 6 patients

LiveSkin enables patients to follow a rehab programme at home instead of needing to travel. Using LiveSkin, a portable device that attaches to a resistance exercise band with data linked to an app, the patient’s prescribed exercise intensity can be supervised. This will increase uptake of the rehab programmes as well as the number of patients that a physiotherapist can work with.

Clinic to at-home 2

Gamified Exercise.

This example shows the possibilities you could encourage patients to improve adherence. Small designs in the app can lead to more engaging exercises and changed behaviour for the patients. 

Rehab at Home.

At the convenience of the patient’s own home, leg extension exercise can be monitored, which mimics the intensity of locomotion. 

Responsive Measurement.

LiveSkin’s latest miniaturised design demonstrates highly responsive data corresponding to the patient’s movement. 

Supervised Strength.

The clinical physiotherapists can tailor the intensity via the app each week. The pressure gauge and the rep count keeps track of target.